Journaling for self-discovery

In this month’s blog, I thought I would share one of the exercises that I have been doing for a few years that has really helped me on my path to getting to know myself better…journaling.

Journaling is a great way to start or continue on your journey to self-discovery. I found that the simplest questions were the toughest to answer and the parts of me that I thought I knew were the parts that actually ended up being the ones that needed further self discovery.

One of the most impactful entries has been my ‘Year in Pixels’ page that I start at the beginning of each year, along with taking time to reflect on the previous years events. This is a very simple exercise shown as a grid on a page with a key next to it, linking colours of your choice to specific moods or feelings. Each day, you colour the block in according to how you felt for the majority of your day, majority, being the operative word in this case, because as we know, the brain in wired to focus on the negative. This small exercise has become so powerful for me, as it gives me a moment to reflect on my day, and on those negative days, it allowed me to search the days events for the good parts, bringing my mind out of the negative thought loops and cycles.

The first year I did this exercise was a tough year for me and I was convinced that the majority of my days had been sad/negative days, but after tallying up my recordings I found that the year had actually been quite a positive one. This small exercise made me feel like I was in control of how I was feeling on a day-to-day basis and also allowed me to shift my perspective of journaling.

General journal entries about my day were so helpful as I would find that I would discover why I reacted a certain way to a situations, and on a deeper level, it helped me to discover my triggers, helping me to find the path to dealing with past traumas and past events, that I was convinced I was healed from.

The one exercise I found the toughest was when I wrote the question…’What are my values?’ You may be thinking, come on, that’s an easy one...but have you ever sat down and written out what your values are and then thought about whether or not you are living your life by these values? When I realized that I had all of these really aspirational values, but I was rarely living by them, it was another trigger for a positive shift in my life… and I started to live from my personal values and not the ideals of society.

Now, journaling is a just a flow of expression for me, I have no set schedule and sometimes I can go for weeks without writing anything. It has helped me to become more connected to my intuition, which has helped me in how I interact with people, how I react to situations and how conduct myself on a daily basis. I am more myself now than I have ever been, and I have come to realize that this small exercise will always be a vital part of my life.

If any of these points have resonated with you, join me in the month of August for The Self Discovery Journaling Challenge. I will release a journaling prompt once a week on Instagram and you have the week to do a journal entry to elaborate on this prompt. This can be through any medium that you feel comfortable to express yourself, writing, drawing, painting, singing, anything that helps you get your thoughts out of your head….making space for the next thing that life has to throw your way.

Love and Light



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