My name is Eliza, I am the founder of Elumi Yoga (est. 2017),  I believe that yoga is about having a loving, curious relationship with yourself.


I'm passionate about sharing how you can use the practice of yoga to reduce stress, deal with life's challenges in a calm way and activate your relaxation response.


We are all taught from a young age that we must achieve and work hard and push past things, but we are never really taught how to rest and restore ourselves so that we have enough fuel to grow and move forward.


I'm here to show you how you can cultivate a yoga practice that will revive and renew your energy and aid rest and relaxation so that you can continue to move forward with tranquillity.




Initially Elumi Yoga was created as a way to share the practice of yoga with as many people as possible, but as my journey as a teacher has evolved, so has my mission.  


Over the years I have been exposed to many ways of teaching and a number of students with different physical and emotional needs.  Each individual comes to the mat for their own personal reason.  My mission now is to make yoga accessible to anyone who is interested in the practice.  


My classes are inclusive, nurturing and I am passionate about creating a comfortable, non-judgmental, safe space for all students.  I'm here to guide you through your yoga journey and will always encourage you to work with the body that you have today.


Love and light


200 hours Vinyasa RYT  - Yogamea School 

50 hours Yin RY – With Yin Yoga

14 hours Yoga Nidra Certification – Yoga Nidra Network

30 hours Accessible Yoga RYT - Accessible Yoga Training

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